Music As Medicine:

The Music As Medicine family are a mainly Manchester-based collective who’ve been curating expansive, communal and diverse musical experiences since 2016.

The intention behind the Music As Medicine events is to bring together artists, audiences and communities to explore the transformational, unifying and healing powers of sound, encouraging collaboration and improvisation between artists.

These gatherings can encompass a range of musical disciplines, styles and approaches: from the traditional to the experimental, such as Sufi mantras & Indian classical, electronica and beatboxing, to polyrhythmic piano compositions, ritual or shamanic sounds (such as the Bwiti music from Gabon, rarely heard outside of ceremonial situations) and wild, improvised dance journeys.

We are inspired to share the music of artists whose work is inspired by and induces altered states of consciousness, by exploring and evoking the sacred, the psychedelic, the scientific and the celebratory. We feel that they are musicians who offer a window into their soul, who help us be present in the moment in a shared human experience that can melt away divisions and connect us all.

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